Yes, someone else may be running against Hilliary for the Democratic Nomination

SoloFlag2EDITED_0-1024x731.jpgAnd it's not just Bernie Sanders:

  "My wife and I are just thinking about what to do next. I care a lot about where the country is, and we’ll be sorting that out," he responded, according to the Washington Post. "It takes me a while to decide things. I’m not going to say one way or the other."   He clarified later that week that he's taking the decision "a day at a time." He said that he was "not saying I’m not" running for president.

This is typical of the dance soooo many Contenders decide to play when preparing runs, but this isn't the first I've heard of this. And believe it or not, I think it works out pretty well for Hillary. She'll have competition to her ideological left (Bernie Sanders), and now competition to her right, Jim Webb. Positioned like that, she'll be able to resist hard turns all throughout the Primaries. Unless...someone else gets in. You can read the rest at Talking Points Memo.

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