World Week for Animals in Labs March at UCLA


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Join Progress for Science (P4S) and People for Reason in Science and Medicine (PRISM) at UCLA on April 21 for the annual World Week for Animals in Laboratories march through the campus of UCLA in solidarity with and on behalf of all animals who suffer at the hands of misguided, money-orientated bad science. 

PLACE: We will meet at the corner of Le Conte and Westwood at 11:00. We'll then march through campus and gather near the Chancellor's office to talk and hear speakers. We will pass the vivisection labs on our return to the meet up spot. 

We will have a limited number of posters so we encourage you to make your own. Be creative. The recent demos around the country as a result of the last election have shown that the American public is very talented in poster making skills! Things to focus on:
*Animal experimentation is bad science. 
*Animal experimenation uses our tax dollars to support the vivisection industry
*Animal experimenation is cruel.

No dress code. Wear comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen if you are light skinned 

We ask that activists not bring single-use plastic bottles to the demo. Both trashed plastic and vivisectors kill animals. Let's not advocate for some animals while we contribute to the habitat destruction of others.

Go green! Take public transportation if feasible.
Go to Google Maps and type in your designation address, click "get directions", then hit the public transit button. Not taking public transit and would like to carpool to the meeting location? Feel free to coordinate rides on this page. 
If you are driving check out this Parkopedia page for your best options:

While the rest of science progresses, embracing 21st century methods and technologies, medical research lags behind, holding on to outmoded, inaccurate and deceptive animal-model results, which harm not only the animals but also the humans in desperate need of real cures for very real ailments. As a major research institution, UCLA is a big part of this problem. For decades professors there have been addicting monkeys and other animals to drugs while real addicts out on the street are denied treatment resources because of chronic lack of funding. A survey released last year, showed that, far from decreasing, there has been an astounding 73% increase in animals used in experiments in recent years!  
Recently the animals were struck another harsh blow with the removal of USDA Animal Welfare Act data and inspection reports from public access, making it much more difficult for independent investigators to ascertain what is happening behind locked laboratory doors. 
We are asking the public to demand that UCLA reassess what kind of research they support, that they more fully utilize 21st century techniques, that they not waste tax dollars in frivolous, nonproductive and endlessly repetitive animal research and that they stop the cruelty!

All animals, regardless of species, have the ability to think, feel and suffer. All animals will move away from pain and life-threatening situations in order to live. They do not “sacrifice” themselves to us willingly. Animals should not be viewed as resources or products but as fellow living beings who share our planet and have the desire and right to live free from inflicted pain, torture, suffering, isolation, forced breeding, exploitation, captivity and murder. As humans we have the unique ability to impose our will on nature and it is our ethical duty to choose compassion over cruelty.

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