White House Backs Away From Investigation Into Voter Fraud Claims Trump Made Up


A recent poll found that only 1 in 4 people believe Trump’s claims that millions of people voted illegally.

The White House is backing away from President Donald Trump’s promise to launch an investigation into the voter fraud claims he made up. 

One senior administration official told CNN that while such an investigation could happen in the future, it was no longer a priority. This explains why the executive order on the probe that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Trump would sign last month was never released. 

On Jan. 25, Trump promised a “major investigation” into the 2016 presidential election, claiming that at least 3 million people had voted illegally, and all those votes had gone to his opponent, Hillary Clinton. It’s worth noting that Clinton beat Trump in the popular vote by around 3 million.

The president said that the investigation would target undocumented immigrants, dead people who were still registered and those registered to vote in more than one state.  

More than one state?  Like the people on his staff...or his very own family?

You can read the rest at the Huffington Post.

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