Washington Post: Sanders secures promises from Clinton on health care ahead of expected endorsement


It's time to unite:

Hillary Clinton, in moves aimed at securing an endorsement from Bernie Sanders, on Saturday highlighted her support for a “public option” in health insurance and proposed additional funding for community-based centers championed by her Democratic rival.

Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, said in a statement that she would “affirm” her support for allowing states to offer government-run health plans as part of the Affordable Care Act. And she said she would support allowing people 55 and older to buy into Medicare, a program available to people 65 and older.

Those steps fall well short of a single-payer, “Medicare for all” program that was a centerpiece of Sanders’s presidential campaign. But during a call with reporters Saturday, Sanders praised Clinton for “an important step forward” toward universal health care.

“Together these steps will get us closer to the day when everyone in this country has access to quality, affordable health care,” Sanders told reporters.

You can read the rest at the Washington Post:

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