Vice President Pence is receiving a ‘Working for Women’ award. Here’s a dive into his record on women.


As a reminder, the Independent Women's Forum isn't exactly friendly to women's interests:

“Vice President Pence’s name was at the top of the list given his track record of advocating for free markets and limited government including rolling back heavy taxation and regulation,” [Noted Conservative organization Independent Women's Forum] spokeswoman Victoria Coley said in an email. “These policy positions help create the conditions for more women to thrive professionally and personally and pursue their vision of the American Dream.”

However, the decision has raised eyebrows at a few other women's and civil rights groups, who say Pence's record has been anything but friendly to women. The vice president has long been at odds with liberal women's-rights advocates who have called him out on everything from his 1999 argument that women shouldn't serve in the military to the antiabortion legislation he pushed as a lawmaker and governor.

“I must say I find it somewhat ironic that he would be winning the 'Working for Women' award when basically he has spent his career in politics working against women, not for women,” Lenora Lapidus, director of the Women's Rights Project for the American Civil Liberties Union, told The Washington Post. “He has a long track record both during his years in Congress and as governor of Indiana of basically taking position after position that is anti-women and harmful to women.”

If you want to see the record, and it's not pretty, then click on over to the Washington Post.


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