U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch visits the L.A.P.D.


She was doing a Nationwide tour, and finished it with a stop at the Los Angeles Police Department:

Lynch’s trip to Los Angeles caps a six-city U.S. tour designed to give the nation’s top law enforcement official a firsthand glimpse at local agencies during a time of intense national scrutiny of policing. The cities were selected, her office said, because they are “effectively implementing” recommendations outlined in an often-cited report created by a presidential task force focused on improving police-community relations.

Los Angeles was selected, according to a news release from Lynch’s office, to “highlight law enforcement’s efforts to use social media and technology to increase transparency, curb violent crime and build stronger bonds with the communities they serve.”

Lynch spent Wednesday afternoon in a series of meetings with LAPD brass, focused on how the department is using technology, including its recently approved body camera initiative.

Civil liberties groups and others have opposed the program, saying the LAPD’s policy for the cameras undermines the transparency and accountability that advocates say the technology will bring to policing. The LAPD has said it will not release footage from the cameras unless required by a court order.

There's more at the Los Angeles Times.

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