Two Transgendered Candidates win their Primaries


Both are Democrats (of course):

Still, two openly transgender candidates made history Tuesday when they won their congressional primaries -- one the Democratic U.S. Senate race in Utah, the other a Democratic congressional race near Colorado Springs, Colo.  Oh, and coincidentally, they're both named Misty.

Misty K. Snow is a 30-year-old grocery store cashier. (If you're wondering, the Constitution says you have to be 30 to be a U.S. senator.) According to the Salt Lake Tribune, she jumped into the primary race at the last minute to give voters a progressive alternative to the conservative Democrat expected to win. She won by nearly 20 points.

Misty Plowright is a 33-year-old IT worker who similarly beat out her primary opponent -- a single dad and an Iraq combat veteran -- to challenge Rep. Doug Lamborn (R) in one of the most conservative districts in Colorado."I'm the anti-politician," she told the Colorado Gazette shortly after getting in the race.

Neither women sought to make their gender identities a campaign issue, instead focusing on Bernie Sanders-approved progressive issues like a $15 minimum wage and getting money out of politics.

You can read about them at the Washington Post.

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