Trump says he can’t be sued for violence at his rallies because he won the election


Yeah, I can't figure it out either:

Last year, protesters from a campaign rally sued Donald Trump — claiming the future president urged his supporters to assault them.

Now Trump is the president, of course. And while the lawsuit grinds on, with more accusations added last week, he claims he won immunity along with the election.

“Mr. Trump is immune from suit because he is President of the United States,” his lawyers wrote Friday, rebutting a complaint filed by three protesters who claimed Trump incited a riot against them at a Louisville event in March 2016.

Trump's team challenged the accusations — negligence and incitement to riot — on many other grounds, too.

But a federal judge already rejected their attempt to have the lawsuit thrown out earlier this month.

And in another new filing in the same case, a Trump supporter accused of assaulting protesters agreed with the plaintiffs that Trump wanted a riot — while denying he actually harmed anyone.

Alvin Bamberger, who was seen in a video pushing a protester through a jeering crowd at the Louisville convention center, “would not have acted as he did without Trump and/or the Trump Campaign’s specific urging and inspiration,” Bamberger's lawyer wrote.

Bamberger denied “shoving … and striking” anyone, as the lawsuit accuses him of. But he admitted to touching plaintiff Kashiya Nwanguma, a 21-year-old college student who had gone to the rally with a protest sign.

And he accepted as true her claims that Trump's speech “was calculated to incite violence” against the protesters.

You can read the rest at the Washington Post.

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