Trump on pace to spend more in first year on travel than Obama did in 8 years


Oh, those fiscally responsible Conservatives:

President Trump is reportedly on pace to spend more on travel during his first year in office than former President Barack Obama spent on travel during all eight years he served.

The president's trips to his private club in Florida during his first 80 days in office have cost more than an estimated $20 million, according to CNN.

A four-day trip the former president took to Florida in 2013 cost the Secret Service and Coast Guard $3.6 million, according to a 2016 Government Accountability Office report. That trip was similar to those Trump has taken to Florida.

As of Monday, Trump has been at his Mar-a-Lago resort for a total of 21 days, which could cost an estimated $21.6 million.

During his eight years as president, Obama spent nearly $97 million on travel, CNN reported, according to documents reviewed by Judicial Review. The travel costs included both personal and work trips.

According to CNN, Trump's frequent trips to Florida will likely come to an end after May because of the weather.

But some think Trump will instead make trips to Trump Tower in New York City, where his wife and youngest son, Baron, live. People also expect the president to go to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster Township, N.J.

Before being elected president, Trump often hit Obama frequently for his vacations and for the time he spent golfing.

You can read the rest at The Hill.

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