Tennessee Rep Who Pressured Mistress to Have Abortion Votes for Abortion Ban


Family values!:

Congressman Scott DesJarlais, the pro-life, all-family values Tennessee Republican who cheated on his wife and then pressured his mistress to have an abortion, voted this week in favor of a federal 20-week abortion ban. DesJarlais’ spokesperson said the congressman has “always supported pro-life values”—except, of course, when they might negatively impact his life.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press reported that DesJarlais was one of 242 House members to vote in favor of the 2o-week ban. The paper also pointed out that DesJarlais’s wife had two abortions before they were married, which DesJarlais supported. Later on, DesJarlais, a doctor, had an affair with a patient, another great family values move. When she told him she was pregnant, he both told her to have an abortion and refused to go with her. He later said all that was cool because “there was no pregnancy and no abortion.” 

A spokesperson for DesJarlais told the Free Press, “Congressman DesJarlais was proud to vote in favor of this legislation,” adding that he maintained a “100 percent pro-life voting record” during his five years in Congress. Significantly better than his track record in reality.

This piece originally appeared at Jezebel.

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