Tim Kaine: How to make housing fair in America


Vice Presidential Nominee, Tim Kaine's editorial on Fair Housing:

A house is more than just a place to sleep. It's part of the foundation on which a family can build a life. Where you live determines the jobs you can find, the schools your children can attend, the air you breathe and the opportunities you have. And when you are blocked from living where you want, it cuts to the core of who you are.

Stories like Lorraine's remind us why it's so important for those of us who haven't faced barriers like these to acknowledge our privilege -- and why those of us in public service must go even further. We have an obligation to correct these injustices wherever they occur.

Progress has been slow because there have always been people willing to discriminate for profit. In fact, before I started my career fighting this problem, and while my running mate, Hillary Clinton, was going undercover to expose school segregation in Alabama -- our opponent, Donald Trump, was occupying himself in other ways.

Around this same time, if a woman like Lorraine attempted to rent an apartment from Trump's company, federal investigators were told that employees would have added a piece of paper to her rental application with the letter "C" on it. As the Department of Justice would later discover, "C" stood for "Colored."

You can read the rest at CNN.

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