The leader of the U.K. Independence Party is all in for Trump

Full-time Brexit Champion, and part-time racistNigel Farage, as all in for Donald Trump:


"I think for the United Kingdom, I think Trump will be better for us than Barack Obama's been. Of that, there is no doubt," said Farage, who addressed the European Parliament days after the Brexit vote.

Asked whether he would like Hillary Clinton or prefer to sit out this early in the general election, Farage was unequivocal.

"There is nothing on Earth that could persuade me ever to vote for Hillary Clinton," Farage said.

Quest followed up, "You sure you don't want to think about that for a second?"

"No, absolutely not," Farage said, laughing. "I mean she represents the pinnacle elite. It’s almost as if she feels she has this sort of divine right to have that job."

You can read the rest, but seriously...why would you want Politico.

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