Suspended Fox News expert returns — and doubles down on baseless wiretapping claims


He's baaaaaackk....and he's learned noooooooottthing:

Nearly two weeks ago, Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano was reportedly pulled from the air for making baseless claims that British intelligence officials spied on Donald Trump in 2016 at the request of then-President Barack Obama.

On Wednesday morning, Napolitano returned to the network, making an appearance on “Fox & Friends.” His first order of business? Doubling down on the claims that got him suspended in the first place.

Host Bill Hemmer asked Napolitano whether he stood by his March 14 report that Obama “went outside the chain of command” to request that Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ, wiretap Trump Tower. At the time, Napolitano said he had based his charge on three “intelligence sources” but did not name them.

“Yes, I do, and the sources stand by it,” Napolitano told Hemmer on Wednesday. “And the American public needs to know more about this rather than less because a lot of the government surveillance authorities will expire in the fall and there’ll be a great debate about how much authority we want the government to have to surveil us. And the more the American public knows about this, the more informed their and Congress’s decisions will be.”

You can read the rest at the Washington Post.

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