Sometimes, it's even Teachers who are bullying Muslim Students.


The Trump Effect is spreading:

Another example of this alarming trend came last week when 17-year-old California high school student Bayan Zehlif, a hijab-wearing Muslim, was identified in her yearbook not by her own name but by the words, “Isis Phillips.” Imagine the joy of receiving your senior high school yearbook only to see that you have been labeled in it as a terrorist.

Zehlif posted in response on Facebook, “The school reached out to me and had the audacity to say that this was a typo. I beg to differ, let’s be real.”

Why did she think this was likely not a mistake? Well, as she explained at a press conference last week coordinated by the California chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), there were other anti-Muslim comments made at the school in the past.

She explained that a fellow student had posted on Twitter that “all Muslims are terrorists.” And in a far more distressing incident, Zehlif noted that one of her teachers on the anniversary of 9/11 said, with Zehlif sitting in the classroom, that “the people who caused 9/11 shouldn’t be here today.”

Zehlif said that she has received a great deal of support from her fellow classmates. But she added, “Seeing my schoolmates hate me hurts a lot,” explaining that she had been in tears after seeing her name replaced with the word “ISIS” in her yearbook. (The school has vowed to investigate why this occurred.)

Muslim students being bullied or harassed for their faith is increasingly becoming the norm not the exception in America. A 2015 study by California’s CAIR chapter surveyed over 600 Muslim students in California and shockingly found that 55 percent had either been bullied or discriminated against. To put that in perspective, that’s more twice the number of student reporting being bullied on a national basis. 

You can read the rest of this story at The Daily Beast.

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