So much for John Kasich's plan to defund Planned Parenthood in Ohio


It is to laugh...and at the same time breathe a sigh of relief:

A federal judge on Friday blocked an Ohio law that would have defunded Planned Parenthood — by kicking it out of state grant programs for public health and education services, like maternal health and HIV prevention programs. 

“Today’s ruling supports the rights of all Ohioans to access needed health care,” said Iris E. Harvey, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio, in a statement. “This law would have been especially burdensome to communities of color and people with low income who already often have the least access to care.”

Although Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says he will appeal the ruling, many health advocates are breathing a sigh of relief. As I reported last year, some officials warned that the bill could have had severe public health consequences for Ohio. Not only was Planned Parenthood a major provider of these health services that couldn’t easily be replaced but the bill was also written so poorly that it could have accidentally defunded Ohio’s public health departments in the process of trying to go after Planned Parenthood. 

That’s because the law didn’t just target Planned Parenthood. It also blocked funding for any abortion provider — and for any entity that contracted or affiliated with an organization that provides or “promotes” abortion. This language was so broad that Kelli Arthur Hykes, director of public health policy at Columbus Public Health, told Voxthat it could have stripped funds for her local health department.

Remember, no matter what the media tells you: John Kasich is just as bad as the other Republicans, and in some cases (like with reproductive rights)...worse.

You can read the rest at Vox.

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