Senator Kelly Ayotte plays "Let's Say Something Offensive About The President" on Fox News


Senator Kelly Ayotte will literally say anything to get in the good graces of the Tea Party and extremists throughout this country.

New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R) argued on Sunday that President Obama has declared war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria in order to help Democrats win the midterm elections in November and expressed concern that he would abandon the fight in the new year.

“I think we have a problem where the president’s foreign policy is being trapped by his campaign rhetoric,” Ayotte began during an appearance on Fox News Sunday. “I’m very fearful as we look at the current military strategy that it is surrounding the November elections and he won’t have the resolve to follow through with what needs to be done in a sustained effort to destroy ISIS, and we’re about to repeat the same thing with Afghanistan,” she added, referring to the effort to withdraw American troops from that country.

Asked directly by host Chris Wallace if she was “suggesting that after the November election and acting tough and talking tough, that he will pull back from confronting ISIS,” Ayotte responded that she was.

“I’m very concerned about that, Chris, and his resolve in this regard.”

 No matter how you feel about the Air Campaign being waged against ISIS, our President does not play politics with human lives.

If Senator Ayotte needs an example of Politicians who do, she need only look in the mirror.

You can read the rest at Think Progress.

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