Robber Steals Coin Oldest US Park Ranger Received From President Obama


Her name is Betty Reid Soskin, 94.  She's works at the Rosie the Riveter World War II Home Front National Historical Park in Richmond.  And she was robbed in a violent home-invasion:


Police say the thief stole her cellphone, iPad, laptop, camera, jewelry and the coin the president gave her to honor her achievements. Soskin introduced him at the National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony at the White House last December.

She said most items she can live without, but the coin is special to her.

"If I can get that coin back, I think I can forgive anything," she told KTVU.

After a life in public service, Soskin became a park ranger about 10 years ago and leads tours at the historical California park and museum honoring the women who worked in factories during wartime.

You can read the rest of the...I'm sad to say...violent details about the robbery at Talking Points Memo.

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