Resist Hate with Equality California at Los Angeles Pride


Each time we stand up for our values, work to make our communities welcoming, or fight for justice, we create hope. Hope that can save lives, hope that can inspire, and hope that can bring us together to resist hate.

This year as we head into Pride season, hope will be Equality California’s guiding principle as we engage communities across this state. Together we will march for equality, justice, and opportunity, together we will build relationships, and together we will bend the arc of justice through education, advocacy, and mobilization.  

We ask you now to join us in creating hope by marching, sharing your stories, and joining our volunteer community engagement teams at pride events across the state. Together we will resist hate and together we will give them hope.

From the mountains, to the valleys, to the sea, we will march for what is right, we will build community, and we will strengthen our resolve to resist hate.  

If you share our values, want to march, and are interested in working with us to strengthen our diverse communities, RSVP on this page and we'll connect with you.  

No matter how daunting the challenges ahead may feel, together we will meet them head on and prevail. We are a beautiful, diverse, and resilient community whose commitment to justice is unwavering. We love who we love, we are who we are, and no amount of hate will diminish our pride. 

Together this Pride season, let us work together to give them hope and resist hate.

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