Report: Chaffetz Says He May Not Finish His Current Term In Congress


This is getting interesting:

After announcing that he would not seek another term in Congress in 2018, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) said Thursday that he may not even finish his current term, according to a report.

KSL Newsradio posted on its Facebook page Thursday that Chaffetz had told host Doug Wright, via text message, “I will continue to weigh the options, but I might depart early.”

The House Oversight Committee chairman’s announcement Wednesday that he would not seek re-election shocked the political world, given Chaffetz’s prominence in Congress and in his home state.

Some have speculated that he will run for the Utah governorship in 2020; Chaffetz himself entertained that possibility in a 2016 interview with the Deseret News.

In his statement Wednesday, the congressman said “I may run again for public office, but not in 2018.”

“For those that would speculate otherwise, let me be clear that I have no ulterior motives,” he continued. “I am healthy. I am confident I would continue to be re-elected by large margins. I have the full support of Speaker Ryan to continue as Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. That said, I have made a personal decision to return to the private sector.”

This piece was originally published at Talking Points Memo.

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