Politico: Meet The Sarah Silverman Democrats


There's a reason why 90% of Bernie Supporters are onboard with a Hillary candidacy:

The big early story of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia was the chaotic Feel the Bern rebellion, the NeverHillary lefties who booed and heckled Clinton supporters—including staunch progressives like Elizabeth Warren and even Sanders himself. But polls show the vast majority of Sanders voters will back Clinton in the fall, and as suggested by the raucous applause Tuesday night when Sanders formally turned his delegates over to Clinton during the roll-call vote, that seems true among the delegates here in Philadelphia as well. They aren’t providing dramatic TV footage like the holdouts with anti-Clinton placards and hey-hey-ho-ho drum circles, but they’re heeding their first-choice candidate’s advice to back the Democrat who agrees with them on most policy issues and isn’t Donald Trump. 

You can call these Sanders-to-Clinton converts the Silverman Democrats, following the lead of comedian Sarah Silverman, a former Sanders supporter who said from the podium on Monday night: “Can I just say to the Bernie-or-Bust crowd, you’re being ridiculous.” Many of them share Silverman’s disgust for purists who refuse to back a potentially unreliable Democrat over an openly hostile Republican—purists who, as Paye noted, often seem to be privileged white guys. 

“Some Bernie-or-Bust folks just can’t imagine how bad things could get,” says Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota, an African-American Muslim who was one of the few Sanders supporters on Capitol Hill. “They can’t relate to the internment of Japanese-Americans, or segregation, or getting targeted for who they are. But I think 80 percent of us realize we have to do whatever we can to beat Trump.”

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