Poetry into Policy


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In these times, participation in politics is more essential than ever and it's hard to know where to begin. Begin with us - begin local, begin with poetry.

On March 6th, at 11am, you are invited to a unique poetry action on the 10th floor of Los Angeles City Hall - a group of 10 poets will create 2-minute poems in response to the agenda of the City Council Arts, Parks, and River Committee Meeting, and deliver them during Public Comment as an offering, a performance, a voicing project - an act of public participation.

City Council meetings are notoriously boring, full of wonky policy and devoid of emotion. LA poets are working on injecting a little life, creating something beautiful and fun to watch from the agenda that can be an active part of community informing policy. We are not NIMBYs, we are not here to shout - we are here to listen, to respond, to get involved. And to bring food for everyone!  

Poets include:
Brian Sonia-Wallace, RENT Poet
Linda Ravenswood, Nominee for Poet Laureate of Los Angeles
Jonathan Rios
Terence Leclere
Bernadette McCormish
Ary Katz
Sean Hill
and more!

Past poetic action @ City Hall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRIP0ubA-vk

Information on Council Meeting: http://lariver.org/arts-parks-and-river-committee

To be involved in future Poetic Actions, please email rentpoet@gmail.com expressing your interest. Artists of all genres welcome to get involved - also, if there's a Council Meeting or action we should be at, please invite us.

Brian & Linda

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