Ping-Pong Progressives


The presidential election inspired progressive leaders to look for ways to get more involved and fight against his administration’s attack on our communities. And we’re right there with you! New Leader’s Council believes that resistance starts at home, and we’ve been resisting by training professionals from a wide range of fields to lead the fight. 

On June 10th, we hope you’ll join us in supporting up-and-coming progressive leaders in your very own City of Angels. This is NLC-LA's Class of 2017's annual graduation shindig, and we’ll be serving up delicious food, tasty drinks, ping pong… and of course, a healthy dose of raging against the machine. Come spend a fun night with people making a difference in our community, and go home knowing that you’ve contributed to an amazing cause: to recruit, train, and promote the next generation of progressive leaders in Los Angeles.

Tickets are available here:

$30 Primary Voter tickets are available for the first 75 folks who purchase before May 15th!

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