Penetrating the Police Brotherhood


An article written by the actual Frank Serpico:


As a former police detective, I find myself appalled by the epidemic of police shootings across America—and the taint of profound distrust that has fallen on a profession I once loved. In my day a cop’s uniform and badge were our best defense. The gun was a last resort. We depended on the idea that citizens knew that killing a police officer held dire consequences. We were given a different kind of training that taught us to minimize the use firearms, particularly when restraining mentally disturbed people, and even if guns had to be drawn and used, to try to avoid shooting to kill if possible.

But when Terrence M. Cunningham, the chief of police in Wellesley, Mass., and president of America’s largest police management organization, issued a formal apology earlier this week to the nation’s minority population “for the actions of the past and the role that our profession has played in society’s historical mistreatment of communities of color,” he was making a long-overdue gesture. He was acknowledging, in effect, on behalf of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, that too many police in recent decades have been shooting first and asking questions later.

You can read the rest at Politico.

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