Paul Ryan just can't bring himself to dump Trump


Dignity and ethics only goes so far in the Republican Party:

“He won the delegates,” Ryan added. “He won the thing fair and square.”

But he made clear that he is deeply uncomfortable with Trump’s performance since becoming the nominee. He called Trump’s comments on the Khan family “were beyond the pale.”

“You don’t do that to Gold Star families,” he said. “If anyone has earned the right to say whatever they want, it is Gold Star Families.”

Bader pressed Ryan on whether a moment would ever come where he would abandon Trump. Ryan repeated a line he has given previously — “none of these things are ever blank checks” — while acknowledging that he would remain behind Trump even after the Khan controversy while continuing to speak out against his various controversial utterances.

“I don’t like doing this; I don’t want to do this,” Ryan said. “But I will do this because I feel I have to in order to defend Republicans and our principles so that people don’t make the mistake of thinking we think like that.”

You can weep for poor, poor Paul Ryan at the Washington Post.

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