Pasadena Weekly: The Time Is Now


Writer Earl Ofari Hutchinson, a Bernie supporter, puts it quite plainly in his new piece for the Pasadena Weekly:

The only thing that is relevant now is not simply beating Trump, but the Democrats taking back the Senate to insure Clinton has a fighting chance of getting her initiatives, legislation and judicial and administration appointments through, and to oust as many Republicans from state and local offices as possible. This is going to take lots of voters going to the polls to back Clinton and every Democrat who’s in a tough race with a Republican in the swing states.
It’s going to take Sanders saying to the roughly one out of five of his fervent backers who have railed against Clinton and vowed that they wouldn’t back her to now do just that. He doesn’t have to try to put the fear of God in them with the nightmarish scene of a “President” Trump putting two or three more people like Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court, gutting everything from education to the Affordable Care Act, and holding an itchy finger on the nuclear trigger. He can talk about Hillary, or more importantly why he agrees more than disagrees with Hillary on the crucial issues. And that’s not hard to do, because it’s true.

You can read the rest of Mr. Hutchison's piece at the Pasadena Weekly.

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