Only you can prevent a Trump presidency


Lest you think your vote won't count for much:


If you’re tempted to think this is in the bag, however, look around.

In Colombia on Sunday, voters narrowly rejected a peace deal intended to end a war against leftist guerrillas that has raged for five decades and claimed tens of thousands of lives. Supporters of the agreement were shocked because respected polls had shown it would be approved easily.

Similarly, polls showed that British voters were in favor of remaining in the European Union. Yet when ballots were counted after the June 23 referendum, the “leave” position had won a slim victory. Many Britons were stunned and dismayed — none more so than David Cameron, who was forced to resign as prime minister. 

It is tempting to look at these results — plus the election of dangerous lunatic Rodrigo Duterte as president of the Philippines — and conclude that some sort of vast, perhaps unstoppable, anti-elite wave is sweeping the globe. As go Medellin and Manila, in other words, so goes Milwaukee. 

I think there is a simpler, less apocalyptic explanation: In both Britain and Colombia, the outcomes were determined by those who didn’t bother to vote.

You can read the rest at the Washington Post.

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