Obama Urges Democrats to Turn Out in Force Against Donald Trump and G.O.P.


It's about sending a message.  We need to send the world a message:

President Obama portrayed Donald J. Trump as a threat to the survival of the republic on Monday as he beseeched Democrats to repudiate the Republican nominee and his message by turning out in large numbers to elect Hillary Clinton and sweep a tide of Republicans out of office.

Pressing to stoke enthusiasm among Democrats and transform Mrs. Clinton’s lead in the polls into an overwhelming victory against Republicans across the board, Mr. Obama said the coming election was a test of American values, with grave stakes for the country and for the next president’s ability to govern in an age of division.

“America is great. America can survive just about anything,” Mr. Obama told about 350 Democratic donors at a mansion overlooking the ocean here.

“But what America cannot have for any prolonged period of time,” he added, was “a fundamentally unserious person” for a leader whose “standards of ethics and tolerance” were “corrosive.”

You can read the rest at the New York Times.

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