North Carolina just made sure Police body and dashboard cameras will not be public records...


From the State that brought you the notorious Bathroom law...

Recordings from law enforcement body and dashboard cameras will not be considered public records in North Carolina under a law signed Monday by Gov. Pat McCrory.

Civil libertarians and social justice activists said the law will make it more difficult to hold officers accountable.

Bystander videos posted online have fueled protests nationwide following last week's killings of black man by white officers in Louisiana and Minnesota, and the attack by a black sniper that killed five officers at a march in Dallas. Police videos of these crime scenes have yet to be made public.

The law clarifies that body and dashboard camera recordings cannot be kept confidential as part of an officer's personnel file - a practice that has kept some images from being scrutinized indefinitely.

You can read the rest (and hand your head in embarrassment for our country) at ABC 13.

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