Gar Byrum

Gar Byrum, one of the UDH's stalwart supporters, died over the weekend.  We will miss his warmth, his wisdom and his company. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. Continue reading

Obama-linked group asks for temporary injunction against Trump voter commission

The fight to protect American Democracy begins: Continue reading

How to spot a Twitter Bot

This piece by Buzzfeed was amazing: Continue reading

Mike Ditka apologizes for comment on racial oppression

It's good that he did, but his apology reveals that he still has a way to go: Continue reading

ESPN commentator compares Jerry Jones to a slave owner

I'm afraid the comparison is apt: Continue reading

US Rejects UN Resolution Condemning Death Penalty For LGBTQ People, Other Groups

Putting us on the side of Human Rights notables Iraq and Saudi Arabia: Continue reading

U.S. will expel 15 Cuban diplomats, escalating tensions over mystery illnesses

This just keeps getting weirder and weirder and weirder: Continue reading

An Unfit President Fails Puerto Rico

Reflections by Michelle Goldberg on how Trump made Hurricane Maria so much worse than it needed to be: Continue reading