Get on the Phones and save the Affordable Care Act!

Unfortunately, Trumpcare is back, and it’s just as bad—if not worse—than before. Republicans are calling it the “Cassidy-Graham-Heller bill” and trying to pass it by September 30th with only 51 votes. We need constituents to call and tweet their offices right now to tell them not to repeal the ACA! Continue reading

Steve Bannon Has A Nazi Problem

He sees the Alt-Right as minor irritants, as Trolls.  The rest of us see the danger of these racists and anti-semites: Continue reading

WH refuses to release bulk of visitors in Mar-a-Lago FOIA request

And now the President is ignoring FIOA Requests: Continue reading

Taxpayers billed $1,092 for an official’s two-night stay at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club

The first hard evidence of Taxpayer money going into Trump's corporate coffers: Continue reading

Steve Bannon Slated To Speak At Black Entrepreneurs Summit

And by Black Entrepreneurs, we mean "A Black Republican Political Action Committee": Continue reading

Floyd Mayweather Says Trump's 'Grab Them by the P----' Comments Are How a 'Real Man' Talks

In case you needed one more reason to root for Conor MacGregor: Continue reading

Facebook Enabled Advertisers to Reach ‘Jew Haters’

Facebook is not looking good these days: Continue reading

As G.O.P. Moves to Fill Courts, McConnell Takes Aim at an Enduring Hurdle

In short, the thing he used to deny President Obama his judicial nominees, he wants to deny Democrats: Continue reading