America’s Whiniest ‘Victim’

The latest from Charles M. Blow: Continue reading

California preparing to sue Trump administration

AG Becerra heard what Jeff Sessions, and is prepared to take him to court over it: Continue reading

He went to ICE to tell agents he had gotten into college. Now he and his brother have been deported.

The Saravia are exactly the kind of people we want in this country.  Instead, we're deporting them: Continue reading

Those Calls to Trump? White House Admits They Didn’t Happen

"I got a call from the head of the Boy Scouts saying it was the greatest speech that was ever made to them" --...ehhh, not so much: Continue reading

Border Patrol Ordered to Block Congressmen During Travel Ban

Border Patrol is going to learn who signs their paychecks...the hard way: Continue reading

The Clarence Thomas Takeover

Clarence Thomas has spent his career pushing a fringy, right-wing ideology. Now, he has an army of acolytes who can make his vision a reality: Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Happy Birthday, Mr. President.