Puerto Rico Is Trump's Katrina

President Donald Trump...does not care … about brown and black people: Continue reading

US won't waive shipping restrictions for Puerto Rico relief

"All available resources, including the military, are being marshaled to save lives": Continue reading

Preliminary Analysis of Legislation That Would Replace Subsidies for Health Care With Block Grants

In short: $133 billion and millions fewer people with health insurance: Continue reading

Terrible news. McCain calls brain cancer prognosis ‘very poor’

We have had many disagreements and agreements with Senator McCain over the years, but this just flat-out heartbreaking news: Continue reading

Russians scanned California election systems in 2016, state officials learn

"We have no information or evidence that our systems have been breached in any way or that any voter information was compromised": Continue reading

Kushner used private email to conduct White House business

And the difference between this and what Hillary did is...?: Continue reading

NFL commissioner: Trump showed 'lack of respect' for league

You know it's a bad week, when Donald Trump manages to make Roger Goodell the good guy: Continue reading

Graham-Cassidy Strips Away The Few Concessions GOP Moderates Already Won

So again, alleged GOP "moderates"...why are you supporting this train-wreck again?: Continue reading