The Bahamas Issues Travel Advisory About Coming to U.S.

Don't act like you're surprised: Continue reading

United Nations declares Internet Access a basic Human Right.

As more and more of the economy shifts online, this is absolutely true: Continue reading

Joe Walsh goes on CNN. Makes things worse.

Remember when Joe Walsh tweeted this gem during the Dallas assault on Police? Continue reading

"If you are a normal white American ... you don’t understand being black in America"

The author of this piece was not aware he was not normal: Continue reading

Trump is “trying to campaign as a racial healer”. Contain your laughter

Yes, someone elected to High Office in this country said this with a straight face and on LIVE TELEVISION: Continue reading

Luis Lopez: Public officials can’t pick when to do their duty

Following up on Hans's piece, our neighbor Luis Lopez serves up an important reminder to the Kim Davis's, Roy Moores (and while we're at it, the Paul Ryans and Mitch McConnells of the world.): Continue reading

Hans Johnson: Plastic Bags, California’s Progress, and Polluters’ Fight to the Death

Our own neighbor Hans Johnson, President of EAPD, wrote this piece about Plastic Bag fight brewing for the General Election: Continue reading

Washington Post: Why President Obama can’t bring us together

It's not a failure on the President's part, it's a failure on all of us.Though, let's be honest, the Republicans carry a lot of the load:   Continue reading

Dominance Politics, and it's limits.

TPM's Josh Marshall on how Trump approaches politics, and why it's going to land him in serious, serious trouble in the General Election:   Continue reading