Sherrod Brown's speech at the DNCC

Senator Sherrod Brown's speech at the Democratic National Convention:

Women of the Senate at the DNCC (VIDEO)

The women of the Senate Democratic Caucus, together on one stage:  

General John Allen's speech at the DNCC

General John Allen (USMC) lets Donald Trump have it:

Representative Xavier Becerra's speech at the DNCC

Our own Xavier Becerra's speech in front of the Democratic National Convention.

Reverend William Barber's speech at the DNCC

William Barber's, letting loose the thunder like few others can:

Congressman Ted Lieu's speech at the DNCC (VIDEO)

Congressman Ted Lieu's speech before the Democratic National Convention:

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar speech at the DNCC

UCLA's own Kareem Abdul-Jabbar let loose on Donald Trump:

President Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention

For the last time as President, Barack Obama speaks before the Democratic National Convention...  

Barack Obama's Introductory Video (VIDEO)

Barack Obama.  We will never see his like again...

Tim Kaine's Speech at the DNCC (VIDEO)

The next Vice-President of the United States, Tim Kaine of Virginia...