North Carolina just made sure Police body and dashboard cameras will not be public records...

From the State that brought you the notorious Bathroom law... Continue reading

A new generation of Middle Eastern Women chase Olympic glory

The world keeps changing for the better: Continue reading

Washington Post: Obama plans to take action on Nuclear Weapons before he leaves office.

President Obama has options that don't require Congressional approval. Continue reading

Sarah Palin thinks Black Lives Matter is a farce

Apparently, African-Americans desire not to be gunned down in the streets by Bad Cops is a...farce?: Continue reading

The NRA goes silent on the death of Philando Castile.

Remember, Mr. Castile was a licensed gun owner. He told the officer that he had a gun in the car led, and as he reached over to show his permit, the officer to shot him. Continue reading

“You can count on her.”

This article was spotted by our own Elaine Hurd.  Big tip of the hat for spotting this piece:   Continue reading

Washington Post: Clinton picks up progressive endorsements ahead of today's Portsmouth, NH Rally

As today's rally speeds toward us, this happened on Monday! Continue reading