The UDH Communications Director

Hello.  My name is Malcolm Johnson.  I am the UDH’s Communications and Media Director.  Odds are if you see something on Social Media, or on our Website, I was the one who put it there.  I do photography, copywriting, the occasional bit of design work, and try to make the United Democratic Headquarters as good as possible, whenever possible.

Also, any Media Inquires can be funneled through me. 

This is going to be an exciting year in politics.  We not only have a history-making Candidate in Hillary Clinton, we actually face an existential threat in Donald Trump.

So here, at this fall’s United Democratic Headquarters, this where we will make our stand.  A growing number of Democrats are pooling their resources into one Headquarters.  That way, we stand united in our effort to push back against the Tea Party, to get Democratic Policies enacted, and most of all, to get our voters to the polls.

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