Missouri state rep says person who vandalized Confederate statue should be 'hung from a tall tree'


The history of Traitors must be protected at all costs, apparently:

A Missouri state representative said in a Facebook post he hoped the person who vandalized a Confederate statue would be "hung from a tall tree."

State Rep. Warren Love (R) shared an article to Facebook, titled "Vandal throws paint on Confederate statue," according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The article addressed the recent vandalism of a Confederate monument in Springfield National Cemetery.

"This is totally against the law," Love wrote in the post. "I hope they are found & hung from a tall tree with a long rope."

Love faced criticism for his post Wednesday, with the chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party calling for him to resign.

“This is a call for lynching by a sitting State Representative,” Stephen Webber tweeted. "Calls for poltical violence are unacceptable. He needs to resign.”

You can read the rest at the Hill.

The original story appeared at the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

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