Looks like we're keeping Kamala Harris here in California...

Kamala_Harris_11.jpgGood. I didn't think this was going to happen, and it looks like it's not.

Basically, Attorney General Harris has said "Thanks, but no thanks".

Just after news of Holder's resignation broke, California Attorney General Kamala Harris was mentioned as a "serious contender" to be his successor. But Harris quickly quashed any idea she may be moving to Washington.

“I am honored to even be mentioned, but intend to continue my work for the people of California as Attorney General,” Harris said in a statement Thursday. “I am focused on key public safety issues including transnational gangs, truancy and recidivism.”

Awesome.  Would've love to see her as U.S. Attorney General.  Would love to see her as Senator or Governor Harris even more.

Still that means we need Volunteers to come down here to Headquarters, and start making some Phone Calls to keep Kamala Harris and Democrats up and down the ticket in office!

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