L.A. Community 4 Directions Town Hall


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Who do we call? Where do we go after 750,000 women marched...

We remain: 
* united in solidarity
* in service to our community
* Wtf: where's the funding?
* resources and referrals 

Come meet the organizations and people who will be the City of Angels infrastructure of services and information when the White House Resident & Cabinet fails to recognize that not one person is illegal or disposable.

Organizations invited to participate that provide: 
*environment - Earth Mother 
*elder care & support
*health services: medical, mental & dental 
*youth justice
*food & water 

1. Best practices
2. Communication, how do we?
3. Speak & share air time @ the mic
4. Set 2nd Town hall mtg date

  • April 02, 2017 at 12pm – 4pm
  • TBD

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