Joe Walsh goes on CNN. Makes things worse.

Remember when Joe Walsh tweeted this gem during the Dallas assault on Police?


Well, Joe "I skip Child Support Payments" Walsh went on CNN, didn't go well:

“When people say ‘black lives matter,’ it doesn’t mean that blue lives don’t matter,” Obama said in a statement Thursday. “But right now, the data shows that black folks are more vulnerable to these kinds of incidents. There is a particular burden that is being placed on a group of our fellow citizens.”

Walsh accused Obama of “telling people on the streets that police officers are racist.”

"When people on the street hear the President of the United States time after time say that there is racism in police departments all over the country, man, that kind of hating leads to what you got in Dallas," Walsh told Lemon.

Walsh also told Lemon that while he thinks that there is "racism all over America," he does not "believe that police departments are racist" or that there is "systemic racism."

"To say there is systemic racism, Don, means that most cops around the country are racist, or that most police departments are racist," Walsh said.

Ehhh.  Groan.  Just...just go to Think Progress if you want to read the rest.

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