Immigration Rights Townhall


In light of the new federal executive order signed last week, the Armenian Youth Federation, ARF Shant Student Association, Armenian National Committee of America-Western Region, and the Armenian Bar Association will be hosting a community “Immigration Rights Townhall”. The event, which will be taking place at the Pasadena Armenian Center located at 2242 E Foothill Blvd on Thursday February 9th at 8pm, aims to provide the community with much needed answers regarding the new Executive Order and its potential effects on the Armenian community.

Since the signing of the Executive Order restricting travel from 7 different countries, several of which have large Armenian Diaspora communities, many concerned community members have inundated the ANCA-WR offices with calls about their future travels and the restrictions placed on family members and loved ones from the specified countries. The primary purpose of the event is centered on providing the necessary resources to help those in need. 

Catering to the community's concerns, the Town Hall will feature experts in constitutional, civil, and immigration law, to provide advice and shed light on the future implementation of the Executive Order.

If you or any family members are concerned with the new law, would like to receive free information and provide input to the community organizations, this Town Hall event can serve as a vital resource. All those concerned are urged to attend.

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