Heller: I hope we find 50th vote for ObamaCare repeal


It. Ain't. Over:

Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) says in a new interview that he hopes ObamaCare repeal comes back up and Republicans can find the 50th vote to pass it.

“Once we have 50 votes healthcare will come up again,” Heller, who is a top Democratic target in next year’s elections, told KLAS in Nevada. “And so if you hear Washington, D.C., talking about healthcare, it’s because we found that 50th vote, and I hope we do. No one was more disappointed than myself.”

Heller argued that he had kept his promises during the voting last month because he did not vote for a bill that would have repealed ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion, which Heller has said he wants to protect.

He did vote for the “skinny repeal” bill, which was a scaled-down repeal bill meant to keep the repeal process moving forward. But Heller pointed out that measure, which repealed items like ObamaCare’s mandate for people to have coverage and the medical device tax, did not touch Medicaid.

“I made that promise and I kept that commitment,” Heller said of protecting Medicaid.

Yeah, that's a lie, but...whatever.

You can read the rest at the Hill.

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