Hearing on the leaking SoCalGas facility in the North SFV


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The TIME IS NOW to show up to #ShutItALLDown!

DOGGR and the CPUC are holding two community hearings on the reopening of Aliso Canyon. We need to show up in MASSIVE FORCE to pressure the regulators and Governor Brown to keep Aliso Canyon closed down and decomission it permanently.

First off, it's insane that Aliso Canyon would be reopened when the state hasn't completed the analysis on what caused the massive blowout to begin with. This will not stand!

Despite SoCalGas' claims, Aliso Canyon is not necesary for energy reliability. The facility has not been used for energy since January 2016, one whole year, and there have been zero blackouts.

Despite SoCalGas' claims on saftey, Aliso Canyon will never be safe. During the shut down of Aliso Canyon in the last year, the facility has seen 6 major leaks or spills since the blowout and the facility leaks on average twice daily.

Thousands of residents in the nearby community are still getting sick and daily leaks and spills send more children and families to the emergency room.

It's time to shut down Aliso Canyon permanently. 

WHAT: Rally at 4:30, Hearing at 5:30
WHEN: Wed, February 1 and Thurs, February 2, 4:30-9:00pm
Hilton Woodland Hills
Trillium Room
6360 Canoga Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA 91367 

HEARING NOTICE: http://www.conservation.ca.gov/dog/Documents/Aliso/2017.1.17_Aliso_Canyon_Storage_Facility_Public_Notice.pdf


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