Gov. Brown signs nine bills that will protect our Seniors.


Our Seniors deserve the best of care if they choose to live in residential care facilities, and now thanks to the State of California, it's going to be easier for people to research how good these facilities are at their jobs.

It also provides a kick in a pants for facilities who have been docked with a license deficiency, giving them ten days to straighten things out:

Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday approved sweeping new rules for residential care facilities aimed at protecting senior citizens from substandard conditions. The governor approved nine bills that his office said in a statement are meant to "protect the health and safety of seniors residing in assisted living facilities across the state."

Signed bills include one that requires residential care facilities for the elderly to remedy license deficiencies within 10 days of notification. Sen. Ellen Corbett (D-Hayward) introduced SB 895. The measure also requires the California Department of Social Services to post online how families and residents can obtain inspection reports.

Corbett introduced the bill after the California Department of Social Services issued an order to close Valley Springs Manor in Castro Valley last year, but 19 assisted living residents were left without adequate care for two days.

"Assisted living residents and their families deserve to know that the facilities and the state will do all they can to ensure the ongoing safety of elderly and sick residents," Corbett said in a statement.

You can read a short list of the bills at the Los Angeles Times.

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