GOP Lawmaker Flips Out When He Realizes He’s Being Filmed


Scott Wagner forgets we don't live in a dictatorship:

A Pennsylvania lawmaker got into a heated confrontation with an activist who was filming him during a speech on Tuesday. 

State Sen. Scott Wagner (R), who is running for governor, had been addressing constituents at a country club in York, Pennsylvania, when he realized he was being filmed.

“Who are you with?” he asked the videographer, who said he was from the liberal super PAC American Bridge 21st Century. 

“I’m going to confiscate your camera. ... You’re not a member here and you’re trespassing,” Wagner said, telling his audience that “you’re about to see your senator in action.”

Wagner then approached the activist and took the camera.

“You can’t take my camera,” the man said.

“I’m taking it,” Wagner replied. “Watch me take it.”

You can read the rest at the Huffington Post.

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