Feminist Friday -On Saturday!


Feminist Friday is a casual but directed conversation about contemporary issues related to feminism. This intersectional conversation is open to any and all community members. The purpose of Feminist Friday is to create a safe environment in which people can share questions, concerns, resources, and experiences pertaining to feminism. The ‘unofficial’ motto of Feminist Friday is “Cocktails, Conversation, and Consciousness-raising”. Light drinks and snacks are provided. 

The intention of Feminist Friday is to encourage a pervasive and ongoing dialogue about feminist issues; to de-stigmatize Feminism as something that is too academic, theoretical, inaccessible, classist, racist, angry, outdated or unnecessary; to build networks of people and resources for encouraging feminist discourse and ideologies. 

The structure of Feminist Friday was inspired by a few different things. The genre of Social Practice in art is largely rooted in the use of food and hospitality as community-building mediums. Feminist Friday operates with the belief that a generous environment that allows people to feel welcomed, nourished, and relaxed, is more conducive to honest, productive dialog. 
The Consciousness-raising sessions of the 1970s were also an influence. Feminist Friday adopts the model of encouraging people to gather and share their truths and experiences, and to listen to others’ voices as a means of personal and community enrichment.  

Feminist Friday was started in March 2015 as part of the programming of Micol Hebron’s project space, The Situation Room. There have been numerous iterations of Feminist Friday since then, and in recent months, the event has grown and is happening in other locations as well. Topics over the last year and a half have varied widely, and have included: sexism in politics (especially with Hillary as the Democratic candidate); changing one’s name in marriage; racism; allyship; what feminism means for men; concerns and struggles for transwomen; generational discord among feminists; and more.

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