Faced with ACA-Supporting Constituents, GOP Congressman runs for cover...


Profiles in courage:

A Republican congressman from Colorado has gotten a taste of what the backlash to repealing the Affordable Care Act may be like. Representative Mike Coffman, who co-wrote an op-ed in the Denver Post championing the full repeal of Obamacare on Friday, was overwhelmed by constituents at his own constituent-event in the town of Aurora on Saturday, so much so that he ultimately opted to sneak out of the event early rather than face the as many as 100 disgruntled people still waiting to speak with him. Many of the constituents had come to the meeting to voice their concerns to Coffman over the likely repeal of the ACA. Because the congressman and his staff opted to meet with people in small groups, rather than all at once, scores were stuck waiting in the lobby of the Aurora Public Library, where Coffman’s office had reserved a room for the meeting.


According to local media reports, Coffman met constituents in groups of only four people, instead of everyone all at once using a town-hall-style meeting. His chief of staff later insisted that was by design, as the congressman has typically used the regularly scheduled meetings to meet individually with constituents. But whatever number of constituents Coffman was expecting, a lot more — as many as 200 people — showed up to meet with him in the community room his staff had reserved.

You can read the rest at New York Magazine.

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