Ethics Office Fires Back At White House For Not Disciplining Conway


To paraphrase Elijah Cummings, what Ethics Rules actually apply to this White House?:

The Office of Government Ethics on Thursday sharply rebuked the White House for not disciplining top aide Kellyanne Conway for her endorsement of Ivanka Trump's clothing line during an appearance on FOX News. 

Conway's comments last month — which included a plea to viewers to "go buy Ivanka's stuff" — raised questions about whether the counselor to President Donald Trump violated the ethics rule barring federal employees from using their public offices to endorse particular commercial products. 

In letters Thursday to both the White House Counsel's office and top members of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, OGE Director Walter Shaub expressed concern over the lack of discipline of Conway. 

"I remain concerned about Ms. Conway's misuse of position," Shaub wrote to the White House. "Not taking disciplinary action against a senior official under such circumstances risks undermining the ethics program." 

Shaub also said he was disturbed by the White House's "extraordinary assertion" that many of OGE's regulations don't apply to White House employees.

You can read the rest at NBC News.

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