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    We MUST defeat Trump. Signing up!!!

    Welcome to the UDH


    This list is in Progress.

    Add your name to our Sponsor you on our website, in our program and on our digital screens at Descanso Gardens


    Lifetime Achievement Award

    Tim Wendler 


    Legacy Award

    Pasadena Firefighters Local 809


    Friend of UDH

    Bob and Linda Angel



    Assemblymember Chris Holden

    Operating Engineers Local 12


    Vice Presidential

    Congresswoman Judy Chu

    Attorney General Xavier Becerra


    U.S. Senate

    State Treasurer John Chiang

    Hon. Steve Madison

    Congressman Adam Schiff

    Arroyo Democratic Club

    Democrats of Pasadena Foothills



    Marilee Marshall and Bruce Wright

    L.A. County Federation of Labor

    Jon Fuhrman and Susan Kane

    Beth Gertmenian

    Dale Gronemeir

    John Kennedy 

    Bobbie and Henry Moon

    Bobby Nelson

    Honorable Anthony Portantino 

    Greta Pruitt

    Fred and Jeanne Register


    State Senate

    Sally Beer

    Peter and Roberta Braun

    John Buchanan

    Wendy Gordon and Michael Gottlieb

    Bill Hacket and Thom Uber

    Vicki and Chris Hays

    Honorable Ardy Kassakhian

    Lena Kennedy and Associates

    Celina Lew and Edward Castro

    Jeanette Mann

    Dr. Janice Nelson

    Anita Pemstein

    Dianne Philibosian

    Jerry Rhoads

    Thomas Seifert

    Ed Washatka and Linda Centell


    State Assembly

    Gerard and Hope Fierro

    Chuck Hains

    Gregory Harrison and Nicole Mihara

    Ed Honowitz

    Monica and Tom Hubbard

    Marsha Hymanson

    Marco Lundgren

    Vickere Murphy

    Jerry Reynolds

    Andy Wilson




  • wants to volunteer 2016-07-27 09:43:21 -0700


    The United Democratic Headquarters does the work that makes winning elections possible.  We don’t make TV Ads.  We’re not working debate prep.  We’re not holding big rallies, and putting on rock concerts.  We are an independent organization.  We are the front lines.  We’re the ones making the phone calls.  We’re the ones knocking on doors.  We’re the ones registering voters.

    So if you want to help Area and National Democrats win Elections, you start here...by signing up as a Volunteer! Become a volunteer