Elaine and Bill Hurd, and why you should be reading Let's Talk Nevada...

teabonics.jpgBy now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Cliven Bundy and his ridiculous, yet terrifying stand against the Federal Government as he seeks to mooch off the rest of us by not paying $1 million dollars in grazing fees.

What you may not be aware of, is our own Elaine and Bill Hurd, both UDH Members from way back, have a place not too far from where all the action is happening.

And best of all, they’ve been blogging about it.

Heck, they’ve been blogging about the situation for longer than the National Media’s been covering it. That may be way, Elaine was interviewed by Las Vegas Sun Reporter John Ralston not too long ago.

Let’s Talk Nevada is where Elaine and Bill both post with a lot of good stuff about what’s really happening with the Bundy situation. UDH Members should be giving it a read. In the meantime, we’ll be highlighting particular posts every now and then, when there’s something you really need to read.

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