El Daily Stormer: In search of new readers, leading neo-Nazi site starts publishing in Spanish


Only in Trump's America:

It’s been a banner year for the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website known for its crude, hate-filled attacks on Jews, women, immigrants and people of color.

After its preferred presidential candidate prevailed in the 2016 election, the site saw a surge in popularity, its Web traffic eclipsing that of the white supremacist Web forum Stormfront. In February, the Southern Poverty Law Center dubbed it the “top hate site in America.

Now, the Daily Stormer is looking to expand its audience and bring Hitlerism to new corners of the world — by publishing in Spanish.

It might seem like an odd move for a site known, at least in part, for its invectives against Hispanic immigrants. After all, it was President Trump’s baseless remarks about rapists and drug dealers crossing the border from Mexico that earned him an endorsement from the Daily Stormer in June 2015. (Trump has disavowed white supremacists through his spokesmen.)

But for Andrew Auernheimer, one of the site’s writers, it’s all about garnering new followers.

Auernheimer, a known computer hacker and Internet troll, announced the launch of the new Spanish language page, called El Daily Stormer, in a post earlier this month. Publishing only in English had become “a problem,” he said.

“If our goal is to spread National Socialism and Hitlerism across the world, we must have sites publishing in all the world’s most spoken languages,” Auernheimer wrote.

“Speakers of Spanish have historically provided a fertile ground for National Socialist ideology and the reverence of Adolf Hitler,” he wrote. “Of all the world’s languages, it was the easiest to build a new site on and provided the most value add.”

The post linked to a video of a speech by Miguel Serrano, a late Chilean diplomat and writer who espoused “esoteric Hitlerism,” a mystical spin on Nazi philosophy.

Founded in 2013 by neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin, the Daily Stormer started as an outlet for meme-type content related to the white supremacist movement. Taking its name from the Nazi newspaper “Der Stürmer,” it expanded to include sections dedicated to black-on-white crime, anti-Semitism and longer, slur-laden takes on social issues.

The site regularly encourages its “Stormer Troll Army” to harass its perceived enemies online. Shortly after the presidential election, for example, it called on readers to troll Hillary Clinton supporters into suicide.

Anglin is currently being sued by the Southern Poverty Law Center and Tanya Gersh, a Montana real estate agent who alleges she received hundreds of harassing messages after the Daily Stormer urged readers to participate in a “troll storm” against her. A post on the site accused Gersh of blackmailing the mother of fellow white nationalist Richard Spencer.

You can read the rest at the Washington Post.

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