Donald Trump sounds like he supports what he once labeled ‘amnesty’


Just what the heck is Trump's position is on Immigration??  Does anyone know?  Do his Advisers know???


GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump suggested in comments airing Wednesday night that he supports a process for allowing illegal immigrants in good standing to stay in the United States.

Trump didn't say those words, exactly, but he clearly adopted the language of those who back a path to legal status — with penalties. "No citizenship," Trump specified, before noting that the undocumented, under his plan, would have to pay back taxes and that he would "work with them."

Trump was quick to clarify in his town hall with Fox News's Sean Hannity that this didn't amount to "amnesty." "There's no amnesty, as such," Trump said. "There's no amnesty."

He might want to tell that to the old Donald Trump.

You can read the rest (try to contain your laughter) at the Washington Post.

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